Low key hiding behind your business? How to POWERFULLY show up!

Are you showing up every week just to check off the boxes, but low key hiding behind your business? Been there, done that! 

Would you show up differently if you KNEW that there were women waiting to work with you? Heck yes, it would!

And today, I'm sharing 5 questions to help you identify where you need to shift, so you can powerfully, fully show up for the people who want to work with you RIGHT NOW!

  1. How often are you talking about your service and inviting women to work with you?
  2. Are you sharing your expertise in content that ties back to what you do?
  3. Are you showing up on multiple platforms or going deep in one place?
  4. Are you planning out your content in advance (at least the topic) or are you flying by the seat of your pants? 
  5. What are you doing to get out of your comfort zone and expand your reach? 

Are you a Christian coach who’s ready to attract the RIGHT clients with a clear brand message? Let’s find your ideal clients, together! Head over to bit.ly/nataliearent to book a 20-min Connection Call to talk about working together.

Cheering you on, as always!



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